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An Elit Touch to Bread of Wheat

Elite's experienced technical staff with 20 years specialized in technology issues and bread. Milling and bakery industry serves.

Elite Food, the resolution of issues and problems are approache by a researcher and developer of identity. a significant budget every year in the quality control lab uses at the solution of industrial problems. Elite works always like development and consulting company that delivers an ID.

The main business activities of elite wheat caused by various factors, flour and bread, which eliminates the drawbacks in the production of quality products and improve the quality of FLOUR AND BREAD improvers.

Wheat in the elite structure, to create special products according to customer demand with flour and application analysis laboratory furnaces and innovative products in line with developing an industrial requirements. Made by the experience and the knowledge gained is shared with the sector through training programs for many years.

Vitamins required for a healthy diet enriched flour for the production of mineral mixtures are prepared at the request of the country.

Turkey produces flour and bread improvers exports to outside market and sell the Elite Food study by taking into account the country's wheat bread quality and culture of the country is developing specific products.

DSM produced by the Tecco Netherlands, Turkey flour enzymes represent the world's top producer of enzymes and is factory pre-gelatinized wheat flour makes the SUPREX flour products distribution.

Pre-gelatinized wheat flour produced by the company is the Turkey distributor Tecco.

Our company always respects to the human health, environmental, is committed to innovation quality. Our experienced sales staff, technical and continues to serve in all commercial matters.

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